A summary of sorts

Today not so much a summary of the BCT thread, as a summary of the last three months I’ve spent in the Nxt Community.

First, for those who are REALLY waiting for a summary: the last day has been spent in working on a very strong passphrase functionality for wesleyh’s online browser. Over the last few months it has become clear that the average user will not or cannot work with the long passphrases that are needed to create a safe Nxt account. To combat this, we are now building in functionality to allow people to create a safe account without much hassle.


I’ve been a member of the Nxt community for over three months now. I’ve bought my first Nxt on the 23rd of December and dived right in. No real background in crypto, but facinated by the feverish energy that coursed through the BCT thread.

Fairly soon in the beginning I noticed a need for the summaries and made that my “trade”, which has hopefully helped keep a fair amount of people from going mad.

The last weeks, I have noticed a tendency in the community to become frustrated en irritated by the perceived lack of progress. In some ways, i suppose, this is correct. We still don’t have a completely working system, we don’t have a completely working and safe client that we áll can use, we don’t have the AE and we don’t have big wads of cash in our pockets (well, I don’t!).

We don’t have all the developers we want, we don’t have a unified marketing strategy, we aren’t known as the best 2nd Generation crypto in the crypto world and we aren’t really all that well known in all circles. We also are still sometimes called a “scam coin”, people sometimes still make weak passwords and lose Nxt.

All this is true

However, I invite you all to look back at now 37 summaries spanning over 1,5 month and see what HAS been done.

This is not meant in any way fluffy, but as a reality check: hello, four months in and still alive! Working on systems that other coins will NEVER have, mostly because they don’t have the people or the ambition to do it. Nothing of that is gone. At this moment not even yet delayed. Some things may be a bit differentm but anyone who ever tried to build something with his hands knows that nothing ever works exactly like you have planned.

Again, I am hugely proud of what we have accomplished in this short, short period of time, and I advise you to do the same.