Bitcointalk Summaries

Summaries going to a two-day format

At the moment the BCT thread is enormously active, but mainly with discussions.

Today was a hectic day in which some frustration with the model of communication that BCNext has chosen was aired and the reactions of the community to that. Suffice to say that it was a stormy day! However, I have committed to report only practical things like applications being released, because I too have my opinions and do not want to use this blog as a platform to push that opinion. I want this site to be as unbiased as possible, and so even summarising the discussion for me is a no-no.

Due to the amount of discussion there is less “tangible” stuff to report, or just the other way around. Maybe we all just have too much time on our hands! Who knows? For now I have decided to switch temporarily to a two-day format for the summaries, so I can present a filled list to you.

It also gives me time to develop some other ideas I have to either make this site into something different, or to work with some other people to create something else for Nxt.

So, until tomorrow, for the Nxt Summary!