Client showcase: Offspring by DGEX

Offspring client

developer: Dirk and DGEX Team

Most recent version: here

Source code: TBA

Short description

Offspring by Nxt exchange came as something of a surprise to me. On the morning of the 13th or February I received a mail that this client had been released and I had no knowledge of it being developed at all.

Rather than having been developed by a community member, Offspring has been developed by the fist Nxt Exchange, DGEX. According to the email I received this version is still to be considered as an “alpha” version of the software. At this moment the software is still closed source, but DGEX has stated that once all the advanced features have been implemented the source code will be made available.

Offspring is a simple cross-platform client, with an in-built exchange viewer for DGEX. What is unique about Offspring is that it features a wallet function, something we haven’t seen yet for Nxt. Offspring supports the basic Nxt functions of sending Nxt and assigning Aliases, as well as generating tokens. There is also a screen specifically aimed at traders. Offspring can also connect to any other server that runs the NXT servlet.

Eclipse 4.3 was selected as basis for the client since it’s open source and cross platform. According to the developers, their ultimate goal is to provide both the best client for the average user which is easy to use and uses the strongest security. And at the same time be a professional tool that traders will use to trade on the Asset Exchange. Eventually Offspring will include tools for Technical Analysis (provided by the powerful libraries at and even functionality for script based Automated Trading where a user can write scripts that will automatically trade for him/her.

On a personal note, Graviton would like to compliment the NXT community and the developers especially for the amazing job they did and are doing.

The Interface

Create wallet
Create wallet

Add account
Add account

Home screen
Home screen

When you start up Offspring for the first time, you will be promted to create a wallet. After you have done this, and Offspring has fully started, you will be able to either make a new account or use your existing one. If you choose to start a new account, you can either choose to enter your own passphrase or let Offspring generate one for you. You can also assign a label to your accounts. Offspring supports multiple accounts, so after you have entered your first one, you can always add more via the menu. Once you have entered your account, you will be taken to the Home screen. In the home screen you can view the last three hours of trade on the DGEX Exchange.

Accounts screen
Accounts screen


Advanced screen
Advanced screen

The Accounts screen is where you can review information about your accounts. You can view your transactions, see how many blocks you have forged and see your account balance in Nxt, BTC and USD. Under “File” you can access various functions, like Send Nxt, register (assign) Alias, generate and decode tokens and delete blockchain. In the Advanced screen you can view your peer status and the recent blocks and their properties. The last screen is the Trade screen, which doesn’t have functionality yet, but which will in all probability have Asset Exchange functionality as well as functionality directly related to trading on DGEX.

List of current features

Send money
Assign alias
Create token
Validate token manually (for merchants)
Sortable full transaction history details
Advanced network status view section
Quick blockchain download during which accounts can be used for operations
Forging on by default for all included accounts
“Wallet” file in user settable location (eg. USB stick)
Realtime BTC / NXT market rate and chart from

Upcoming features

Multicurrency client
Asset Exchange
Full block explorer with search
Encrypted p2p messaging
Transaction memos

About the developer

Dirk is a seasoned/passionate developer with 15+ years of programming experience and is a strong NXT believer. He is an allround developer from Javascript to Ruby, Java to Cobol and everything in between.

Graviton is the owner of DGEX. He came into NXT as I foresaw the immense commercial & social potential in true pioneer of the 2nd Generation cryptocurrencies DGEX was the first exchange to facilitatie trade of Nxt.

You can help

When things are more ordered DGEX could use help with translations or with users creating their own skinned versions of Offspring through the use of the new Eclipse CSS functionality. Both these tasks will take some preparations, but be prepared.

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