Client showcase: NXT Solaris

NXT Solaris

developer: marcus03

Most recent version: here

Source: to be released 16th of February

Short description

NXT Solaris is a fully featured NXT client for Windows and in the future also MacOS. It is feature rich and boast a few features that are not native Nxt features, like a Market tab and an address book. The client installs very easily and you can choose at install if you want to use the closed or the open source version. The client can be used with all currently active Nxt features and is also ready to be used with the upcoming Asset Exchange. The client can also be used on the Nxt Testnet, where the Asset Exchange is currently being tested. The current version is 1.8. The source code for the open source version is set to be released on the 16th of February.

The Interface

Install screen
Install screen

Status screen
Status tab

Account screen
Account tab

The client can be started by just doubleclicking it. Before startup, it offers you the choice between using the open source or the closed source version. At the moment the open source version lacks the use of the in-built blockchain explorer, but is otherwise fully functional. The closed source version does not have the Asset Exchange feature. When you have chosen your flavor, you will be taken to the status tab of the client.

The Status tab gives general information about the Nxt blockchain. I tells you which block it’s currently on, the number of accounts, the number of registeread aliases etc. You can also see the connected peers in this screen and provides information about them. It is also possible to set a specific URL to connect to, so you can use the client with both the Testnet as with online wallets.

The second tab available is the Accounts tab. This is the “headquarters” of the client. In this tab you will find buttons that give information about your account and balance, allow you to send Nxt and register Aliases, send Messages (not encrypted) and which will also allow you to create Ask and Bid orders on the Asset Exchange. It is possible to enter multiple accounts in this screen. You can view and use your own accounts and also just view accounts that are interesting to you. You can view account transactions, registered Aliases, Messages and Assets.

Address book
Address book tab

Markets screen
Markets tab

Assets Exchange screen
Assets Exchange tab

In the Address book tab you can keep and update a contact list. There is an in-built default address book, but you don’t have to keep this.

In the Markets tab you can keep track (in real-time) of the markets movements and find historic data about Nxt exchange rates. The client keeps track of Bter, DGEX and Vircurex. Current Nxt rates for BTC, USD, EUR, CNY and RUR are shown. You can also use this tab to give you an average price using data from all these three exchanges.

The Asset Exchange tab is only available in the open source version of the client. At the moment it is only usuable within the Testnet. The AE tab allows you to view all extant Assets, create Ask and Bid orders and also provides a button to issue your own Asset.

Issue an Asset
Issue an Asset

Log tab
Log tab

Blockchain Explorer tab
Blockchain Explorer tab

To issue an Asset on the Asset Exchange, simply press “Issue Asset”, fill in an Asset Name and description, set an amount to issue and press OK. At the moment the fee for issuing an Asset is set to 1000 Nxt. After issuing it, you can either hold on to your Assets or start trading them.

The Log tab shows you information about your client’s operation. You can use this to track down any errors, or to report bugs and errors to the developer.

The Blockchain Explorer tab is only available in the closed source version of NXT Solaris. The explorer shows all the information on blocks, transactions, accounts and aliases. You can for instance check if an alias has already been registered and by which account, so you can send a message to this account if you are interested in renting or buying it. You can also get a quick overview of an account’s transactions.

List of current features

NRS Node status
Blockchain status
Connect to fixed URL
Multiple accounts
Account balance in NXT, BTC, USD, CNY
Send Nxt
Send Message
View Messages
Register Alias
Create Asset Exchange orders
Issue Assets
Address book
View Markets real-time
Nxt exchange rate in BTC, USD, EUR, CNY, RUR
View Asset Exchange


Release source-code for FireMonkey Windows version (February 16th, 2014 latest)
Implement new features from the TODO list
OSX compatibility changes
Release OSX version based on FireMonkey.
Release source code for FireMonkey OSX version.
Offer a simple and advanced GUI, with the simple GUI targeted at new users
Implement client side Curve25519 encryption/signing
Arbitrary message encryption

About the developer

marcus03 is an Oracle Database Administrator, but he worked as a software developer for 12 years. In his own words, “I came to NXT for the profit, but stayed because of the extraordinary NXT community.” His overall goal with the NXT Solaris client is to make it simple for people to use what NXT has to offer. If you like NXT Solaris and want to support the developer, you can send donations to Nxt account 1758531264253431177.

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