Funding Committees

Nxt Funding Committees

At this moment, there are not as many updates on “concrete” things to give as there were.

Nxt has clearly entered a different stage in it’s development, and this is clear from the Bitcointalk thread.

I will instead be using at least part of these posts on the actions and decisions of the three Nxt Funding Committees, which are tasked with administrating the 9 million Nxt that were not claimed by stakeholders.

The committees are the Infrastructure Fund, the Technical Development Fund and the Marketing Fund.

At this moment, the Marketing Fund and the Infrastructure Fund are already fully operational and looking at entered proposals.

The Infrastucture Committee has a dedicated thread on the BCT forums and also uses a bitbucket prokect page.

The Marketing Committee operates from a subforum on and has a closed forum for discussing and voting.

You can find the introduction post of the Infrastructure Committee here, and here a recent update on their last work and decisions.

The Marketing Committee introduction post can be found here. The Marketing Committee likes all its applications in a specific form, to be sure all applications will be thought out well. You can find the requirements here.

The Committees and their Funds are there to be used! If you have a plan you think will benefit Nxt, please do not hesitate to contact the committees or submit your plans. They might not be accepted as is, but the committees will help you hone them if needed, so they will become better. The people in the committees all work in their respective areas of expertise, so use the experience that is in there to get the most out of your proposals!

We hope to see your plans!