Nxt Asset Exchange Preview

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Summaries have been thin for the last few days. One of the main reasons for this is that for the past few days, our developers have been testing the Asset Exchange. Today, I want to give you an overview of what the Asset Exchange looks like in wesleyh’s web interface. This interface will be part of the future incarnation of …

DamelonNxt Asset Exchange Preview

Client showcase: Offspring by DGEX

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Offspring client developer: Dirk and DGEX Team Most recent version: here Source code: TBA Short description Offspring by Nxt exchange came as something of a surprise to me. On the morning of the 13th or February I received a mail that this client had been released and I had no knowledge of it being developed at all. Rather than having …

DamelonClient showcase: Offspring by DGEX

Client showcase: NXT Solaris

Damelon Clients

NXT Solaris developer: marcus03 Most recent version: here Source: to be released 16th of February Short description NXT Solaris is a fully featured NXT client for Windows and in the future also MacOS. It is feature rich and boast a few features that are not native Nxt features, like a Market tab and an address book.┬áThe client installs very easily …

DamelonClient showcase: NXT Solaris

Client showcase: ClieNXT

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ClieNXT developer: fmiboy Most recent version: here and Source: here Short description ClienNXT is a simple open source client written in Java. The current version 0.0.4 has 1-click usage. You just download it from bitbucket and click the Clienxt.jar file. The GUI will detect if Nxt is present in the lib folder of the client and if not offer to …

DamelonClient showcase: ClieNXT

Client showcase: Basic Windows installer for NRS client

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Windows Installer for NRS client Developer: Mistafreeze Most recent version: official thread on nextcoin.org Short description Some developers go for improving features, some opt for making the existing programs easier to use. Mistafreeze’s Windows Installer falls into the latter category. It basically allows you to easily and painlessly install the standard NRS client without having to ever download Java yourself …

DamelonClient showcase: Basic Windows installer for NRS client

Client showcase: dotNxt

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Today I’d like to present the first showcase of an independently developed client for Nxt to you. It is not my intention to advise you on which client to use, or to give any judgement on which client is “best”. All these clients have their own peculiar flavour and you will have to decide for yourself which one fits your …

DamelonClient showcase: dotNxt

Showcasing Nxt clients

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Nxt didn’t arrive with a sparkling client with 3D buttons. Instead it launched with a very basic client that runs in your browser, the NRS (“Nxt Reference Software”) client. It is obviously not aimed at mainstream users and takes some work to get installed if you are not totally comfortable with your computer.   3rd party clients However, this does …

DamelonShowcasing Nxt clients