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Bitcointalk Summary 5/3-6/3-2014

NRS Client


  • Nxt Solaris 2.2 released, now with Mac OSX support!
  • Offspring 0.3.2e released.
  • iNxt 1.0.7 available in iTunes. Donations welcome to this young developer on account 4894174904569783391.
  • wesleyh released an update for his Nxt web interface. Use only on TestNext!
  • A Windows installer for 0.8.6 with wesleyh’s interface was released.
  • wesleyh released a Windows app for his web interface.
  • l8orre’s Freerider AE client (beta) has been released.

Concepts and discussion

  • mcjavar proposes an idea on how to legally get fiat out of an IPO.
  • Yesterday there was a huge discussion about the state of Nxt, one months before CfB will leave. Themes are usuability, available developers, released features and more.
  • Pinarello proposes points that need to be fixed for Nxt to be succesful.
  • Several ideas for password generators were proposed: here, here and here.




  • Nxt to be added to You will be able to buy Nxt with fiat!
  • Nxt added to Altcoin market.


  • The moderator of /r/Bitcoin asks for information about 2nd gen coins for an article. He is a respected writer, so if you can help, please give him information on Nxt.
  • Here you can find articles that have been written recently.


  • The vote for the Funding Committees is nearly over. If you haven’t voted yet, please ask for a ballot from rickyjames and vote. Current results can be viewed here.


  • Pooled Forging and Account Locking will be done by CfB before he leaves on the 3rd of April.
  • BCNext has left the building. He has completely turned Nxt over to the community and is not involved in any way anymore.
  • Jean Luc (core developer) has confirmed that heĀ  will stay on after CfB leaves. He will probably lead the team of developers that we are currently recruiting.
  • The crypto audit is underway. It is expected to be completed next week.
  • And lastly, a message from Pouncer, one of the founders.

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