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Bitcointalk Summary 27/02-28/02-2014


  • There is a new version of wesleyh’s Nxt Wallet client.


  • The fundraiser for Songs of Love has ended. Today we sent 114571 Nxt (~ $ 5400) to Songs of Love. John Belzer, the founder of Songs of Love has this to say to you:

“The Nxt community is the most compassionate group that we have so far come across in the cryptocurrency world. We are eternally grateful to you John for spearheading this most amazing campaign. We will be delighted to bring Nxt in at the 5,000 sponsorship level and we will be giving you the full back page of our event program as well as top billing on our event web site at Please provide us with the logo you would like to see displayed on our site and event program. I addition, I was so moved by your effort that I still want to come up with the Nxt theme song. I would like to work with you on the various elements you’d like included in the lyrics of the song. You can reach out to me for a discussion about this.”

  • 12 tickets for Songs of Love benefit in LA are available. Please contact Justabit for more information if you are interested.

Concepts and discussions


  • Here is the brochure for the Texas Bitcoin Conference.
  • Nxt will be represented at the conference in San Francisco by NxtMinnow (Brian Snyder). He will be speaking on the Decentralized Applications Panel with Vitalik Buterin of and David Johnston of Mastercoin on a panel moderated by Adam Levine of Let’s Talk Bitcoin.
  • Nxt has been included in an article on alternative digital currencies in der Spiegel.

Community Projects

Nxt Shops

Funding committee voting!

  • The voting for the Funding Committees will start tomorrow. You can read the statements by the candidates here.

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