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Bitcointalk Summary 26-02-2014

NRS Client Update 0.8.3 (stable)

Math, concepts and discussions

  • Today CIYAM Open ran a lot of simulations on the Nxt forging process to try and see if Nxt is as safe as it claims to be. This was done after a two day discussion on how the forging process works and could work. User mthcl helped with the mathematical proof of these concepts. I freely admit this frequently goes over my head, but it is vital work and I am happy that so many talented people are chipping in to actually come up with models. Lots of hours go into this, so if you are feeling generous, donate them some Nxt or come into the thread to say “Thank you!”
  • An idea for Nxt insurance has been proposed.
  • Pouncer asks for a Proof of Existence development so Companies can register themselves on the blockchain.
  • A discussion about escrow services in Automatic Transactions.


  • Version 0.3.4 of the Nxs client has been released.

Community Addons

Funding committees


  • User lyynx wants to start a Nxt Scholarship fund.
  • klee donated a million NXT to the Brain Preservation Foundation. You can read the press release here.

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