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Bitcointalk Summary 25-02-2014

I have a bit of a problem summarising today, as the day was again mostly taken up with the discussion about forging and the rewards it should or shouldn’t bring. This is not a bad thing, as forging and Transparent Mining are what makes Nxt unique and the discussion is thus a fundamental one. However, the discussion is so deep and far-reaching, I cannot in good conscience summarise it. For those who are really interested, the only way is to go in there and read and then think and read some more. The discussion is vital for how we decide (and yes, it’s WE who get to decide this!) how Nxt protects and incentivises its network and nodes.

However, apart from this discussion, a few other things have happened:

Asset Exchange

  • At the moment, another round of Asset Exchange tests is being run. If you want to participate, jump into the thread and ask for Testcoins. Most current clients will work on the Testnet. Find them at


  • wesleyh’s client now is available for download. This downloadable version should still be considered to be in beta-stage.




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