Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 25-01-2014

Sometimes you misjudge the amount of content. I thought that this would be a quickie because there were only about 20 pages. I was wrong…

Account Security!

  • Please, if you don’t already have a strong, random, minimum 30 character passphrase for your account: MAKE ONE NOW! There have been thefts that may well have been due to short, non-random passes being bruteforced. Read up on password security here and here.
  • Connected to this, there is an increasing call from the community for strong passwords to be enforced by the clients. Both user iruu and Anon136 have proposed ideas on how to make accounts safer.


  • Everyone must upgrade his client to 0.5.10 before block 51000 or be left on a fork. Do so now! Get the current client here.

Community Addons

  • Mistafreeze release NXT Reference installer update.12
  • fmibou updated ClieNXT to version 0.0.2. Codename: Phoenix.
  • marcus03 invested $1400 and will go open source with his client. There is as yet no timeline for release.
  • nexern gives an update on how the new client is coming along.
  • NXT Watcher Emergency update.3




  • User marek3ball is making 3D Nxt art.
  • rickyjames has an update on the stolen Nxt.
  • Here is my earlier linked blockchain analysis by brosephus.4
  • Many new people are showing up in the BCT thread. Welcome all!



  • NiftyNikel and PeercoinEnthusiast arrived safely! NiftyNikel has been having talks with about the possibility of implementing Nxt.


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