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Bitcointalk Summary 22/02-24/02-2014

NRS Client Update 0.8.1e (experimental)



Community Addons

Concepts and discussions

  • Both of these days (starting at page 1897) have been filled with an in-depth discussion about the fees, Transparent Mining and forging. It’s much too complicated to summarise, but good reading if you want to see how people are discussing this critical feature of Nxt.
  • The Automated Transactions  (AT) dev group has come up with some new idea: Crowdfunding via Nxt.
  • You can now donate to the AT group.
  • A proposal for a Nxt microcredit system.


  • SWARM for adding Nxt to various exchanges. Please participate if you haven’t already!
  • We still need around 32 registrations for being added to Bittrex. Please do so!
  • You can see a new video about the Greenness of Nxt here.
  • We are SWARMING to get merchants on to add Nxt.


  • Here is a proposal and site for a new format for charities being funded in Nxt.
  • The Songs of Love charity now stands at 43953 Nxt. You can still donate on Nxt account 4636321498642303120. All your donations till we reach 100,000 Nxt will be doubled. This donation closes on the 28th of February.


  • Nxt is now three months old!
  • klee has made a mystery donation of 2,500,000 Nxt. More news to follow.
  • Account 7017504655955743955 has been giving out a lot of donations on 23 February. Thank you very much!
  • Jean Luc (developer) wonders if it would be a good idea to release the source code ahead of time on the 1st of March.

Funding committees

  • On the first of March the voting for the committee members will start. You can find their statements here. If you want to run for election, please make your statement in that thread.

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