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Bitcointalk Summary 21-02-2014


Funding committees

  • rickyjames posted an update on funding committee membership.
    • Applications are now closed.
    • Members can make a statement in this thread.
    • There will be a week long voting round starting 1st of March.



  • Exchanges find Nxt difficult to implement, because it works differently from Bitcoin and clones of Bitcoin. Here is information for exchanges that want to add Nxt. Feel free to point them to it if they ask you.

Nxt payment systems


  • Here is a preview of the Java API for client 0.8.0.
  • Nxt has been added to
  • jl777 is working on a multisig gateway. Again, follow the posts by CIYAM and jl777 for an interesting discussion on the use of floating point in financial systems.

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