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Bitcointalk Summary 18-02-2014


  • wesleyh has added the Voting feature to Nxt Wallet, as well as messaging to account Aliases. Only usuable on the Testnet for now.
  • a new web-based client, called Nxs (Nexus), by Regulus has been released.

Community Addons

  • jl777 has made a “Nodecoin miner“, as a concept how Nodecoins could work. There is a mining contest attached with a prize of 1000 Nxt.


Concepts and discussions

  • A paper, titledĀ  “It Will Cost You Nothing to ‘Kill’ a Proof-of-Stake Crypto-Currency”, has been written.
  • Zipzap and Gocoin have asked for information about Nxt. They might be interested in adding Nxt. Various opinions were given about if this is the right time and if so, why they should add Nxt.
  • A comparison of Bitcoin and Nxt.
  • Is Nxt well suited to micropayments, or not?




  • Here you can find the posting data for the BCT thread up to now. Below you can see how many posts were made daily and how many unique ID’s were active in the thread over time.

Number of IDs
Number of IDs

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Posts per Day

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