Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summaries 26/01-27/01-2014

Urgent: if you have not already done so, upgrade to client version v.0.5.10!


  • We are currently working on a few spots in Let’s Talk Bitcoin. If you would like to help fund this project, please read the outline and work already done here.
  • The idea is to produce “Nxt in 1 minute” spots, outlining the progress that Nxt has been making. The first episode is slated for this Friday.
  • joefox is working on a podcast for LTB. He is asking for people to send in soundbites.
  • You can hear examples of joefox presenting some 1 minute spots here and here. User bithic has also produced one, which you can hear here.
  • Here is a list of the conferences we will be attending after the succesful Miami Conference.
  • There is a poll on cryptmarketcap to add Nxt. Please add your vote!
  • rickyjames will represent Nxt at the Bitcoin Conference in Austin, Texas, together with dzarmush and opticalcarrier.


There were two fairly big discussions about voting and whether to emphasise the “green” aspect of Nxt in PR. It seems very difficult to come to a consensus about how to reach consensus. I have decided not to summarise discussions, as it will always be biased, so you are on your own regarding discussions. Feel free to join in!

Community Addons

  • NXT Watcher had an update to version 0.2.0e.1
  • Nxt Net Application, a decentralized storage of URI’s on top of Nxt AM has been released.
  • Nxt Alerter has been updated to support Aliases and Arbitrary Messages.
  • has had two updated the last two days: you can now create a “paper wallet” and it now has an Arbitrary Message Explorer.
  • also had an update. If you are quick you can use one of the 100 free shouts they are giving away.


  • TwinWinNerD is keeping a sheet to track the distribution on Nxt. There are sheets including and excluding the accounts of the exchanges.2
  • An easy description of what it means to be “on a fork” can be found here.
  • swartzfeger has created some Nxt business card holders. You can contact him if you want one.
  • nexern gives some news about the progress of a keyphrase generator.
  • marek3ball made another 3D Nxt graphic.
  • lastly, I want to draw your attention to the feature of Account Control that is under development. Nxt has been criticised for it’s lack of security features, and I hope will like it.





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