Bitcointalk Summaries

The Bitcointalk Summaries are over: we have a forum!

Seventy days ago I started posting the Bticointalk Summaries, because I saw there was a desperate need to keep track of what was happening in the Nxt Community. At that point, there was still a huge resistance against moving out of our cozy corner in the bitcointalk forums.

However, during the last two weeks, more and more people were realising that we have outgrown that particular format and that in order to grow and not go completely crazy, we needed a different place.

So, now we are going just gently crazy in our new forums, which can be found at, which have been set up by wesleyh and are staffed by dedicated nxters, including yours truly. The domain has been generously donated by farl4bit.

Our developers have largely made the move to this new forums, too, and so it should be much easier to find what you are looking for.

As far as the Bitcointalk Summaries go, my job is done!

I hope you all have found use in them and that they have helped keep order amidst the chaos that can be part of a decentralised community and that they have contributed to the more timely development of Nxt in some way.

I am currently involved in many, many more Nxt developments than I could ever have forseen 70 days ago, so I am sure we will see each other again. This blog will of course still stay, but I will need to see what direction it will take. For the next few days, I think I will take a bit of a rest, though!

I hope to see you all on!

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