No Summary today

Due to it being a bit quiet today on the thread I’ve decided not to make a summary today.

Tomorrow, as usual, a double one.

Seems like all the developers are tired after their massive effort the last week!


Client showcase: NXT Solaris

NXT Solaris

developer: marcus03

Most recent version: here

Source: to be released 16th of February

Short description

NXT Solaris is a fully featured NXT client for Windows and in the future also MacOS. It is feature rich and boast a few features that are not native Nxt features, like a Market tab and an address book. The client installs very easily and you can choose at install if you want to use the closed or the open source version. The client can be used with all currently active Nxt features and is also ready to be used with the upcoming Asset Exchange. The client can also be used on the Nxt Testnet, where the Asset Exchange is currently being tested. The current version is 1.8. The source code for the open source version is set to be released on the 16th of February.

The Interface

Install screen
Install screen

Status screen
Status tab

Account screen
Account tab

The client can be started by just doubleclicking it. Before startup, it offers you the choice between using the open source or the closed source version. At the moment the open source version lacks the use of the in-built blockchain explorer, but is otherwise fully functional. The closed source version does not have the Asset Exchange feature. When you have chosen your flavor, you will be taken to the status tab of the client.

The Status tab gives general information about the Nxt blockchain. I tells you which block it’s currently on, the number of accounts, the number of registeread aliases etc. You can also see the connected peers in this screen and provides information about them. It is also possible to set a specific URL to connect to, so you can use the client with both the Testnet as with online wallets.

The second tab available is the Accounts tab. This is the “headquarters” of the client. In this tab you will find buttons that give information about your account and balance, allow you to send Nxt and register Aliases, send Messages (not encrypted) and which will also allow you to create Ask and Bid orders on the Asset Exchange. It is possible to enter multiple accounts in this screen. You can view and use your own accounts and also just view accounts that are interesting to you. You can view account transactions, registered Aliases, Messages and Assets.

Address book
Address book tab

Markets screen
Markets tab

Assets Exchange screen
Assets Exchange tab

In the Address book tab you can keep and update a contact list. There is an in-built default address book, but you don’t have to keep this.

In the Markets tab you can keep track (in real-time) of the markets movements and find historic data about Nxt exchange rates. The client keeps track of Bter, DGEX and Vircurex. Current Nxt rates for BTC, USD, EUR, CNY and RUR are shown. You can also use this tab to give you an average price using data from all these three exchanges.

The Asset Exchange tab is only available in the open source version of the client. At the moment it is only usuable within the Testnet. The AE tab allows you to view all extant Assets, create Ask and Bid orders and also provides a button to issue your own Asset.

Issue an Asset
Issue an Asset

Log tab
Log tab

Blockchain Explorer tab
Blockchain Explorer tab

To issue an Asset on the Asset Exchange, simply press “Issue Asset”, fill in an Asset Name and description, set an amount to issue and press OK. At the moment the fee for issuing an Asset is set to 1000 Nxt. After issuing it, you can either hold on to your Assets or start trading them.

The Log tab shows you information about your client’s operation. You can use this to track down any errors, or to report bugs and errors to the developer.

The Blockchain Explorer tab is only available in the closed source version of NXT Solaris. The explorer shows all the information on blocks, transactions, accounts and aliases. You can for instance check if an alias has already been registered and by which account, so you can send a message to this account if you are interested in renting or buying it. You can also get a quick overview of an account’s transactions.

List of current features

NRS Node status
Blockchain status
Connect to fixed URL
Multiple accounts
Account balance in NXT, BTC, USD, CNY
Send Nxt
Send Message
View Messages
Register Alias
Create Asset Exchange orders
Issue Assets
Address book
View Markets real-time
Nxt exchange rate in BTC, USD, EUR, CNY, RUR
View Asset Exchange


Release source-code for FireMonkey Windows version (February 16th, 2014 latest)
Implement new features from the TODO list
OSX compatibility changes
Release OSX version based on FireMonkey.
Release source code for FireMonkey OSX version.
Offer a simple and advanced GUI, with the simple GUI targeted at new users
Implement client side Curve25519 encryption/signing
Arbitrary message encryption

About the developer

marcus03 is an Oracle Database Administrator, but he worked as a software developer for 12 years. In his own words, “I came to NXT for the profit, but stayed because of the extraordinary NXT community.” His overall goal with the NXT Solaris client is to make it simple for people to use what NXT has to offer. If you like NXT Solaris and want to support the developer, you can send donations to Nxt account 1758531264253431177.

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Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 14-02-2014

NRS Client update 0.7.5


Every time I start making these posts I think: “Hm, not much happened today. I may have to skip one if I don’t want to look ridiculous.” Then when I have finished one I am once again amazed at how much we accomplish every day. On this Valentines Day I want to make a huge bow and express my admiration for all the people out there that continue to work, think, joke and produce for the Nxt ecosystem! Be proud of what you have accomplished in such a short span of time, people!


Discussion & Concept

  • jl777 has proposed a concept for a Federation of Gateways to provide a p2p exchange for (crypto)currencies. To follow this discussion, simply follow jl777’s posts. The discussion has ended for today at this post.
  • A proposal for Nxt fee structure, with an underpinning in math.
  • Some people were having a discussion about a (Latin) motto for Nxt.
  • Here you can find a tentative plan for using Aliases with OpenID.



  • You can find the official thread for the Offspring client by DGEX here.
  • The Nxtty online wallet now has SSL.
  • has added links to his page. You can see all current clients there.


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NRS Client update 0.7.5

Get it here


sha256: 66adc8379a8f6e3fba7797fbc94b8b62f3e486ea5b6e9877f064c4b0d1f2584d

Change log:

Various performance and memory usage improvements.

Improved validation of peer addresses and handling of peer connection
status changes. User interface improvements related to peer display.

Additional optimizations in getMilestoneBlockIds, backwards compatible.

Further clean up of the core nxt classes from all UI related parameters.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 12-02-2014

benderI’m back, baby!

And so are the daily summaries. As I’ve already said, I am going to skip a week, as summarising a whole week is just too much work. 200 pages worth of (if my cursory skimming is correct) math and more math is just not viable to summarise, but I hope not too much is lost. Send me an email via the contact form if you feel something needs to be put in!

New client 0.7.3

First another reminder that a new client version has been released. Everyone needs to upgrade, as this is a critical update and the 0.6.x series is no longer supported. See my last post to get the details.



Asset Exchange testing started!

Yesterday an important new step in the development of Nxt has been taken with the start of testing the Nxt Asset Exchange. The Asset Exchange is a powerful feature of Nxt, that allows users to issue their own tokens, which are backed by Nxt. This is the start of the implementation of the “coloured coin” system. Developers can find the Asset Exchange API calls here.

Testing is still proceeding and will be done until the community is fully satisfied with the results. There is no definite date when it will end. As this is a critical feature of the Nxt ecosystem, the developers want to be sure everything works flawlessly when they release it. If you want to follow the testing you can do so from page 1659 and onwards of the Bitcointalk thread.

Here you can find a post by CfB explaining how the Asset Exchange works.

And in related news, here is an article by the CEO of Saxo Bank talking about the need for cryptocurrencies to be associated to things in the real world to survive. This link is exactly what the coloured coin system provides.

Asset Exchange clients

At the moment, there are two clients that can be used by the Testnet for the Asset Exchange, ClieNXT  (v.0.0.5e) and Nxt Freerider. These clients can nót be used for your “live” accounts! Also be sure nót to use your day to day account on the Testnet, but please make a new one.

Asset Exchange discussion

You can find a special thread to discuss the implications of the Asset Exchange here.


  • Mistafreeze released a new installer for NRS 0.7.3

Community Addons

  • The source code for NxtDB has been published here.1


  • The first edition of the Nxt Newsletter has been published. If you want to help out, please contact apenzl.
  • Some members of our Marketing Team are attending the Berlin Bitcoin Conference today and tomorrow. They will make contacts within the crypto world to spread the word about Nxt and hopefully push us farther into the market.2

admiral.fu & l8orre deep in discussion.
admiral.fu & l8orre deep in discussion.

General impression of Day 1.
General impression of Day 1.



  • gvans is going to create some real life Nxt monoliths cut from acrylic glass. There will be 10 limited “Genesis” versions (signed) and 10 limited “DarkNxt” versions.
  • It is possible to set up a free VPS node! You can find the tutorial for this here.
  1. []
  2.,1518.0.html []
Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 03-02-2014

Whew! I’m still a day behind, because most of the 3rd of February was taken up with discussions in the BCT thread. I had to relive them all again!

Anyway, I will try to catch up. Apart from the discussions, it was a remarkably quiet day.

Account distribution:

  • the DGEX reserve account sent 30.000.000 NXT to the acc# 16386134630970163904. I am not 100% sure it is a coldstorage account, but it sue looks that way. That movement kicked out another 3mio account, that explains the changes in % distribution.



  • At last we are getting somewhere with allocating the 10 million unclaimed Nxt. A lot of time and thought has gone into it, and at times tempers flared and harsh words were exchanged. However, we are now moving to a format where there will be three funds of Nxt: 3 million for marketing efforts, 6 million for technological development and 1 million for building the Nxt infrastructure. These funds will be available on an “open bounty” basis, which means that persons or groups can put forward plans with budgetting, and a committee (as yet to be decided on who will be in the committees) will review these plans and decide whether or not to allocate funds to them. The funds will be under the care of three of the original founders of Nxt, which will probably be klee, bybitcoin and neer.g, with Pouncer as a backup. These founders will distribute the funds at the behest of the committees and will not be having any part in decisions about the funds.1
  • Another big discussion was about a proposal for a Carbon Offset program for Nxt. This theme always creates a lot of waves, and in the interest of not stepping into it myself, I invite you to read what happened and make up your own mind.


  • – NXT Blacksmith Workshop, NXTCoin first automated forging platform has been launched.


  • Nxt is now on diaspora, the (semi-)decentralized social network! Read how to find Nxt there in this post.

Community Addons

  • A complete setup script that installs (asking the user) all the necessary applications (java and such) as well as downloads, verifies and installs latest version of nxt client.


  • NRS can run on an Android TV stick!
  • A video for Mistafreeze’s installer has been made.
  • Bandwidth problems with client have been reported.
  • Questions aboutmarketing spending have been asked.
  • CfB tells us that Asset Exchange, Voting System and Account Control are the only things that are planned to be released by April.

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No summary today

There will be no summary for the Bitcointalk thread today.

I have been collecting material for the client showcases and basically, I’m a bit pooped.

As usual, you can expect a double one tomorrow!


Client showcase: dotNxt

Today I’d like to present the first showcase of an independently developed client for Nxt to you. It is not my intention to advise you on which client to use, or to give any judgement on which client is “best”. All these clients have their own peculiar flavour and you will have to decide for yourself which one fits your needs best. Some people may prefer to stay with the basic NRS client, and others may opt for a more feature rich one.


Developer: minusbalancer

Most recent version: here

Source code: here

Short description

dotNxt is built using the .NET Framework 4.0. It should run fine on all up to date Windows versions. It was announced on the 14th of January 2014 as an entry into the Nxt client competion and was released on the 18th of the same month. The source code was released on the 1st of February. It is created to avoid the hassle of installing the Java based NRS client. The philosophy is that a simple one-click installer will make it easy to use for anyone. In this, it is inspired by the BitcoinQT client.

dotNxt has a clean, easy interface. It’s simple in design and all the currently supported uses of Nxt (transactions, aliases, Arbitrary Messaging) are available.

It is also possible to do some things without having your account unlocked, like search for registered aliases and seeing the current blocks. The client will automatically update the data from the blockchain.

The interface

Account screen
Account screen

Alias registration
Alias registration

Messages screen
Messages screen

When you start up dotNxt you will find yourself in the account screen. This screen is divided into two parts. To the left are your account details, and to the right you have buttons for registering Aliases, sending Arbitrary Messages and relocking your account. The first two of these actions will require you to enter your secret passphrase. It is possible to search for aliases before you try to register one. Arbitrary Messaging has an encryption feature that is checked by default. You are required to fill in your secret passphrase before you can send Nxt, register and alias or send a message, of course. If you have no Nxt in your account, buttons that require a fee (registering an alias or sending a message) will be greyed out.

Unconfirmed transactions
Unconfirmed transactions

Peers screen
Peers screen

Blocks screen
Blocks screen

The client also has screens that will be familiar to everyone who has been using the standard NRS client: a (unconfirmed) transactions screen, a peers screen and a blocks screen. These screens provide the same functionality as in the NRS client and basically are used for information purposes.

Alias screen
Alias screen

Send Money window
Send Money window

Settings window
Settings window

dotNxt also has a useful in-built tool, which is an Alias explorer. You can view and search all registered aliases. Of course it has a standard “Send Money” pop-up. You can adjust some settings, like the minimum transaction fee, the default deadline for transactions, use your own list of nodes and an option to analyse hallmarks.

List of current features
Send Money
Transaction statistics
Forging Timer
Register Alias
Message encryption
Lock account
Alias search
Hallmark checks
Multiple account display
Auto updating
Custom user settings


Near future plans
 A redesign of the account transactions window
 Copy functionality for the blocks screen and account screen
Authorization tokens implementation
“wallet.dat” optional security future
Mid term plans
Asset exchange support
Advanced AM functionality: various features requested by users.
A voting system on top of AM
Torrent tracker like functionality
   Long term plans
 dotNXT Node software
Electrum ( like client software.
 “NXT super node” project
 Windows Phone client
 Linux and MacOS clients using Mono
 Android and iOS clients using Xamarian



About the developer

minusbalancer has over 10 years of experience in software development. He is mainly focused on C++ and C# development. He currently works as a tech leas at one of the biggest investment banks. He is always open to user opinions so feel free to contact him at If you would like to donate, please do so at account: 5687942189255392308




Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 02-02-2014

Attention: upgrade to the latest client or risk getting stuck on a fork!


Recommended reading

How to make a strong passphrase.


This last day over 1,000,000 Nxt has left the top 60 accounts.


  • A discussion on how Nxt will handle 1000 Transactions per Second. This discussion still goes on. Follow the posts by jl777 and rickyjames to keep track of it through the thread.
  • A discussion about allocation of funds starts here.
  • A funding committee has been proposed for quicker action. Here is the thread where names are put forward.
  • Just so you know, here is an update on this fund.


  • gvans has made manufacturing files for the Nxt Monolith (see picture at top of this article).
  • A call-out for contributors to joefox’ podcast. If you want to participate, please go here.
  • Passion_ltc wants to run a reddit ad campaign once nexern’s client has been released.
  • On a related note, our subreddit is now /r/Nxt.
  • Anon136 appeared in the first in a series of Nxt videos by Tai Zen.
  • A chess tournament, with prize money in Nxt, has been organised.


  • There is a bounty for a Tip-bot.


  • Mistafreeze’s client installer has been updated (BETA).
  • fmiboy’s ClieNxt has been updated to version 0.0.3.

Community Addons

  • NxtWatcher has been updated to version 0.2.2.
  • There has been a vote for the best Arbitrary Messaging application. Results can be seen here. Bounties can be seen here.


  • ebereon wrote an article about the Solar-powered Raspberry Pi and how to construct one.
  • rickyjames has a plan for the basic securing of the network with raspberry Pi’s.
  • jl777 has put forward the idea to work together with XCP (Counterparty protocol).  More info here.
  • An outside reaction on CfB’s Project Lakshmi.



[Video] What Is Transparent Forging In Nxt? by Tai Zen

Nxt is new and not all features are immediately understandable to a lot of people. Not all of us have the capacity, training or time to go through the code and understand what is “under the hood”.

Luckily, Tai Zen from Prisoner of Freedom, recognised this too and did a two hour interview with Anon136, the writer of this very clear article on Nxt. The interview will be split into parts that will cover several features of Nxt, so they are easily referred to.

Anon136 has that rare gift for explaining complex material in a simple way. I hope this video will explain Nxt’s “Transparent Forging” feature, that allows Nxt to reach VISA level transaction speeds at high security to you.