Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 15/02-16/02-2014


  • nxtchg has been taken over by brooklynbtc/jefdiesel, msin and voldemort.
  • Vote to get Nxt added to Mintpal.
  • Nxt will be added to Vault of Satoshi in February-March.


Community Addons


  • Allwelder got Nxt added to another chinese forum.
  • NXT is looking for speakers for two New York conferences. Look here and here.
  • Here is an article mentioning Nxt on the Laissez-Faire Club.
  • Nxt is also on Reddit! Join us on /r/Nxt!
  • Bitventurer has acquired He is planning to make this the main Nxt site. Proof of Sale here.
  • Tonight the second part of the Nxt Chess Tournament will be held!



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$10K Charity Drive for Songs of Love

The Nxt community is currently doing a charity drive for  $10,000,- for the Songs of Love Foundation. Donations welcome at Nxt account 4636321498642303120.

SongsWho is Songs of Love?

The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. Each CD is professionally produced with lyrics containing the child’s name and references to all of his or her favorite activities, things, people, and pets. Songs are written and performed in any language in the musical style that the child likes best (pop, R&B, rap, rock, alternative, etc.), by a variety of talented professionals.

As each child is unique, so is every ‘song of love’ composition. Since 1996 the Songs of Love Foundation has reached out to over 22,500 children in over 500 hospitals and health care facilities in all 50 states. The songs have often been played to alleviate pain and trauma during painful and scary hospital treatments. The song recipients have played their “songs of love” in all kinds of situations and settings such as car trips to the hospital, show and tell at school, for family and friends in person or on the phone, and even for the doctors and nurses. The children have their “songs of love” always available to them whenever they are feeling down.

What else?

Songs of Love have in the past already accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This makes them a special. Songs of Love shows that cryptocurrencies are capable of functioning in the “Real World” and have a place there. If Nxt can bring in $10,000 worth of donations, we get to be head sponsor of this charity drive, which will be a perfect entry into the media, as well as of course, having donated $10,000 to a worthy cause!

The organisers of this charity drive, Cointropolis, are both supporters of charity ánd of cryptocurrency. This is a win-win situation for the Nxt community: you can show your support for a charity that makes life a little bit better for children in need and also support Nxt as a cryptocurrency.

What do I need to do?

The charity account created for this drive is 4636321498642303120. You can find more information in this thread. The first goalpost of this drive is 35,000 Nxt, which is at current prices around $2000,-. The end goal is 170,000 Nxt, around $10,000.

Once 35,000 Nxt has been reached, Cointropolis is going to start their media campaign to the mainstream media.

Is the money safe?

The account is held in escrow by the writer of this article. I am the only one holding the secred passphrase. The organisers, nor the recipients cannot touch the Nxt. The passphrase is very strong and I have it on paper and in an encrypted safe. The account will not forge or be open, except for eventual payout.


So, let’s get to the first goalpost together! The amount of your donation doesn’t matter. 1, 100, 100,000 Nxt, every donation that you feel comfortable to make is welcomed and appreciated! If you don’t want to donate, that’s also fine. We are not here to guilt trip anyone into doing something they don’t want to do. Over the last few hours, the fund has already received 12,000 Nxt in donations. Let’s see if we can keep that up! Donations welcome at Nxt account 4636321498642303120.

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NXT Asset Exchange tutorial

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[Video] What Is The Nextcoin (NXT) Alias System?

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Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 13-02-2014: Clients!

Client update to 0.7.4!

Everyone MUST upgrade to this version before block 67,000!

Get it here!

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It’s been Client Day for Nxt, with many new clients updating, being released and announced!

nexern's client
nexern’s client

Nxt Wallet by wesleyh
Nxt Wallet by wesleyh

NXT Solaris 1.8
NXT Solaris 1.8


Community Addons


  • d13id is doing an infographic video for Nxt and is asking for donations.


  • There is some discussion on Nxt sites, starting here.


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  2. []

New NRS client update: Release 0.7.4

Get it here


sha256: 847c70f734a3954159af99e0241d448369d4833067076570671324946a835245

Change log:

Another bugfix in the transition to Transparent Forging, starting from
block 67000. Upgrade before this block, because there will be a fork.

This release drops support for the old getMilestoneBlockIds protocol.
Clients older than 0.7.3 will not be able to request blocks from 0.7.4
nodes. Everybody needs to upgrade to 0.7.4 anyway, before block 67000.

Some optimizations in the database queries used during unlock account,
let’s see if this helps Raspberry users.

Minor other improvements.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)



New Nxt client version 0.7.3! 0.6 series no longer supported!

Get it here


sha256: 8dccdaaf16d5f6714a96b05e08a918462cc3d549db66c7f52e81bc51b30894ae

Change log:

The 0.6.x series is no longer supported. Starting with this release,
only the database version will be developed.

Optimized the getMilestoneBlockIds protocol. This is the peer to peer
request that currently puts the most load on the public nodes, and is a
cause of a large amount of unnecessary outbound traffic. However, for
backwards compatibility, version 0.7.3 still supports both the old
and the improved getMilestoneBlockIds protocols, so when older clients
connect to 0.7.3 nodes they will still cause unnecessary load and
extra traffic, unfortunately.

WARNING: Support for the old getMilestoneBlockIds protocol will be
removed in 0.7.4. You don’t need to upgrade immediately, but if
you don’t do it before 0.7.4 comes out, your older version nodes
will not be able to request blocks and catch up with the blockchain.
Better upgrade sooner than later.

More and more refactoring. Completely separated the user interface logic
from the core business logic. Nothing in the core nxt package depends on
the classes in the nxt.user package anymore. Instead, a Listeners
framework is used, so that the UI can register to be notified of the
events in the core that it needs to know about. This is also intended to
be used by Java client API developers.

Added some more indexes to the database tables to improve performance.
These will be created automatically the first time this version is
started with your existing database – no need to start from scratch,
no need to delete your old nxt_db directory.

Privacy related change: Before this release, newly generated blocks
and new transactions were broadcasted to peers twice. This could allow
your peers to deduce that your node was the generator of the block or
transaction in question. This is now fixed. Note that somebody with
the ability to monitor all your internet traffic will still be able to
tell that it was you who generated a block, because the generating node
sends the block before having received it from any other peer. I don’t
see a physically possible way to avoid that, yet. Also note that the
transaction re-broadcasting feature will continue to re-broadcast your
transactions until they are received back from at least one other node,
but will not do that with transactions received from other nodes. This
could still be used to deduce that your node was the source of a
transaction, in case the initial attempt to send it failed, and it was
re-broadcasted (but somebody already observed the failed first attempt).

Separated block forging logic into a Generator class, which can also
be used by Java API clients to start and stop forging.

Added startForging and stopForging API requests.
Parameters: secretPhrase, required for both starting and stopping.

Fixed minor bugs. Fixed a bug in peer download traffic monitoring.


Client showcase: ClieNXT


developer: fmiboy

Most recent version: here and

Source: here

Short description

ClienNXT is a simple open source client written in Java. The current version 0.0.4 has 1-click usage. You just download it from bitbucket and click the Clienxt.jar file. The GUI will detect if Nxt is present in the lib folder of the client and if not offer to download the latest version the author has added (at the moment Nxt 0.6.1). The client is written in Java because it’s a good fit for the Nxt core and cross-platform and because it is easy to adapt for cryptocurrency users.

The Interface

Download new client
Download new client

Insert passphrase
Insert passphrase


When you first start ClieNXT and don’t have Nxt installed, it will ask you if you want to download Nxt. When you click “yes”, it will automatically download and unzip Nxt to the appropriate folder (lib). To make full use of ClieNXT, you will of course have to unlock your account by entering your passphrase. You can also add a label to each account. In addition, there is an option to “watch” specific accounts. To do this, you enter the account you wish to watch and add a label to this account. Of course, you can only watch these accounts, as you do not possess the passphrases to send from them. In the console tab, you want see the activity of your Nxt client.

Account overview
Account overview

Asset Exchange
Asset Exchange

Transactions screen
Transactions screen

The Account overview tab gives a brief overview of the funds in your account, their value in BTC and the value in USD. The current NXT/BTC and BTC/USD rates are also displayed. These rates are taken from Bter and Bitstamp. ClieNXT is ready for the implementation of the Asset Exchange. The tab for it is already in place, but currently not functional. In the transactions tab you can view the transactions for any account, as well as messages and alias registrations. ClieNXT currently supports the English and Russian languages. The developers wants to add more languages and is looking for translators. You can contact him on Bitcointalk.

Alias screen
Alias screen

Send screen
Send screen

Send with message
Send with message

ClieNXT has all the basic functionality of Nxt. In the Alias screen you can both search and register aliases. The Send screen is set up economically, as it allows for both the sending of Nxt, as also the sending of messages. Messages can be encrypted. It is also possible to do bulk sendings with ClienNXT. You just have to separate the receiving addresses with a “:” and end the list with another “:”. This method can be used for sending funds and for sending messages.

Overall, ClieNXT provides all basic functions for Nxt in a clean interface and also is prepared for what is to come. Aside from being ready for the Asset Exchange feature, it also has already reserved space for the Voting feature.

List of current features
overall account balance in nxt, usd, btc
send nxt,
send msg,
send nxt with attached msg,
multisend nxt, multisend msg,
multisend nxt with msgs attached.
message encryptions are hex
show transactions/messages for selected accounts
context menu in console
account list
unlock your all accounts
add accounts to watch
remove any account from database
show aliases for selected account
assign/modify alias
simple alias search
About the developer

fmiboy usually writes code in de C family, but since Java is a similar language and used in Nxt decided to go for that route. He wants to help the community go forward and is willing to work with other people. He welcomes help from other developers and also is looking for translators. He can be contacted on Bitcointalk. If you like his work and would like to support him, you can donate to his Nxt account: 13792774143018875909

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New Nxt client version 0.7.1!

Get it here!


Summaries will be erratic this week

I will not be able to keep up with all developments this week as I am attending a conference all week for my day job.

I will at least bring out one more client showcase in the weekend and try to get all new apps, sites etc. in one post.

I have already seen that it is absolutely impossible to catch up with the BCT thread once I am one day behind.

I will be back to normal wednesday next week, when I will start with my normal service again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.