Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 20-01-2014

A few discussions came along today:

  • A long one at the end of the day (ongoing) about the Voting System, which starts here and goes on for about 6 pages.
  • A curious discussion intitiated by this post by Come-from-Beyond, whether we should help NEX. The general opinion was that the source should be freely available, but no active help needs to be given. Minority opinions ranged from “ignore him” to “let him burn”. The NEX thread can be found here.

Community Addons

  • rriky92’s iNxt app has been submitted to the App Store.
  • Here is the HTML to upload a file to a Nxt Message.
  • You can find some more information on CfB’s project to create a PoW coin on top of Nxt’s PoS here, here and here.
  • NxtWatcher 0.1.4 by MtheK has been released.


  • A new exchange, called PoloniEx has added the NXT/LTC pair today. We don’t know who the owner is yet, so use at your own discretion.
  • Generally, trade has been good today, with NXT rising to the 0.00009 BTC regions. See the daily trade figures from Bter en DGEX here.
  • Bter now has a daily withdrawal limit of 200,000 NXT instead of the initial 200 NXT.


  • A proposal for a big giveaway was made to do when the client is launched.
  • A list of conferences NXT may visit can be found here
  • An update on Amsterdam conference(s).1
  • There was an article about Nxt on coindesk again.



  • How far are we along with the Transparent Forging code?
  • A view on how the distribution of NXT is coming along, compared with the current BTC distribution as a benchmark.
  • gimre’s made an entry for the signature verification bounty
  • User rickyjames voiced concerns over account safety. You can find some replies here.

Special mention

  • Clone madness took an unexpected turn with the launch of KLONE, a NXT clone that proposes to use a Proof-of-Clone protocol.

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Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 19-01-2014: Client update 0.5.9

New client update 0.5.9

Get it here. I won’t link it directly from this site anymore, but only directly link to the source.


  • Resolved all remaining thread concurrency issues in the block and
    transaction handling. All reported null pointer exceptions, division by
    zero, and related bugs should not happen anymore. If you see any
    errors in the log at all, please report them in our bug database:

  • Added Asset Exchange related APIs:
    getAskOrder, getAskOrderIds, getBidOrder, getBidOrderIds,
    getAccountCurrentAskOrderIds, getAccountCurrentBidOrderIds.

  • Prevent the Recent Blocks tab in the browser UI from growing beyond
    60 blocks. This should help avoid browser slowdown and freeze during
    downloading of the whole blockchain from scratch.

  • Added transaction re-broadcasting. To make sure a new transaction has
    been received by the network, it is broadcasted every minute, until
    it shows in the list of unconfirmed or confirmed transactions.

Community Addons

White paper

The white paper is still being written. You can view it on the wiki. People are still needed to help flesh out the technical parts. If you want to contribute, please register on the wiki and follow these instructions. You are also invited to come to the BCT thread and make yourself known as a contributor, so things can be coördinated.


Yesterday much fun was had when a rival fork was set up under the banner of NEX. This initiative by FrictionlessCoin, who already had shown contempt of the Nxt distribution scheme was set up to show how things should have been done. The rival was soon followed by other prospective forks, like NEM, NOX, NEXX, ME.TOO and FRX. The NXT code is apparently well liked.

Distribution of unclaimed 10 million Nxt

A plan has been made for the safe distribution of 10 million Nxt by the community.


Again a big discussion on spendings on marketing. CfB donated 250,000 Nxt to Salsacz as funding for a marketing campaign. At the moment a vote is taking place on the form that the funding of marketing efforts need to take. I myself am involved in the discussion, so in the interest of fairness, I invite you all to read the discussion for yourself to avoid giving overly biased information. The discussion begins here and goes on for several pages.


  • A list of pending bounties can be found in this post.
  • There is a bounty on an SMS-to-NXT gateway. Read details here and here.


  • There has been another theft. The likely causes are either a keylogger or a compromised vanity generator. Details can be found here. I want to stress again that, especially under Windows, it’s important to have a virus free system and a very secure passphrase. Read tips on how to be secure here.
  • To increase security, a feature called Account Control is being developed.
  • Work on the New Address Format continues. More info here.

  • User brookynbtc asks how to accept Nxt for his restaurant. This could be the first instance of Nxt being used in a brick and mortar venue.

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[Video] Is Nextcoin a Scam?

Soms krijg je het gewoon op een presenteerblaadje aangeboden.

Aangezien er op dit moment zoveel altcoins gelanceerd worden is de angst dat het gewoon puur bedrog is niet vreemd.

Nxt heeft dat etiket vanaf het begin vaak opgeplakt gekregen. Tai Zen van Prisoner of Freedom bespreekt hier de start van Nxt en zijn reden om vertrouwen in het systeem te hebben.

Hij legt ook uit wat het verschil tussen PoS en PoW is en wat dat betekent voor het verschil tussen “minen” en “forgen”, ook vaak een verhit discussiepunt.

Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 18-01-2014

A bit different today, as there weren’t many releases, but it was a big day for NXT all the same!

Today NXT was added to (link has my referral in it, by the way), a Chinese exchange. The trade pairs offered at this moment are NXT/BTC and NXT/CNY, which means that NXT can now be traded for a fiat currency. Trade was very active today, as you can see in this bubble chart. The price of NXT doubled during the afternoon as activity on DGEX and Bter became frantic. Next up is hopefully Virturex. Caution: Bter only allows withdrawals of max 200 NXT per day at the moment.

Arbitrary Messaging

On the Arbitrary Message front there was a call to rename the feature, as it is confusing. AM is about transferring data, which cán be messages, but it’s much broader than that in scope.1 Proposals for renaming are Arbitrary Data, Distributed Storage and Blockchain Cloud. User landomata proposed a way to prevent spam on the messaging front here.


ip.bitcointalk.orgTo the right you see Salsacz proposal for spending unclaimed Nxt on marketing. You can find a proposal how allocation of these funds could work here. There is still a debate going on if we are at the stage that full marketing is needed and how to do it.





During the day a fierce discussion took place over BCNext’s proposal on how to administer 10 million unclaimed NXT (1% of all NXT) for bounties.2 Most of the community opposes changes in the code to lock some accounts. There are some who feel that the 10 million should just be sent to the Genesis account (thus destroying them).  The plan is scrapped.3 Wesleyh proposes a different method of making sure the funds won’t be stolen here. User utopianfuture merges this plan with his own plan for “open bounties” here.


  • Salsacz updated his first post on Nxt Myths and added a second one.
  • Cfb is planning to launch a new PoW crypto that is based on Nxt. See the announcement here.
  • 500k NXT stolen from a wallet. It’s not clear how, but a keylogger or insecure pass are suspected. See the discussion here.
  • An interesting discussion on Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DAC’s) can be found here. (it spans three pages, but is interesting reading on the possibilities of the Nxtsystem)4
  • User Bitaddict gives a comparison of power costs of PoW and PoS here.
  • Nexern is implementing a reputation system into the client. This will make it possible to separate good traders on the asset exchange from bad ones.5
  • the forum is open for people to promote Nxt. (the owner has a stake in Nxt)
  • There is a call not to create a “cult of BCNext”.
  • User lyynx is working on a Nxt video, website and a new exchange6

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NXT/BTC en NXT/CNY op Bter

Goed nieuws vandaag!

NXT is toegevoegd op de Bter exchange!

Vanmiddag werd bekendgemaakt dat Bter NXT zowel tegen BTC als CNY zal gaan verhandelen en de hele middag is het al druk op de exchange.

De prijs van NXT schoot gedurende de middag met meer dan 100% omhoog.

Voor Nxt is dit een belangrijke ontwikkeling, aangezien het tot nu toe alleen nog maar op kleinere en minder bekende exchanges verhandeld kon worden.

De eerstvolgende verwachte exchange om NXT te gaan aanbieden is Virturex, die al contact heeft gehad met de hoofddeveloper van Nxt.

Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 17-01-2014

ip.bitcointalk.orgNew client update 0.5.8

Download here. sha256: 4f0ceb4583ba50a7b791635586249868958c90899d7a5033d2c763c701b859d51


The site bounties have been awarded. My thanks to everyone who voted for anyone!2

Community addons

  • Nxt iPhone app v. get it here.
  • Version 1.3 of my Windows NXT client Solaris by marcus03. Get it here.
  • ferment explains what he is working on:3
  1. Nxtbase node network and alias and blockchain browser
  2. Nxt dashboard (aka client + explorer + useful info) capable of running locally as plugin to NRS or as a thin client.
  3. Data mining plugin for a network compute engine – where mining means helping with distributed computing style problems and getting automatically paid bounties in NXT (my AM project).
  4. Wrapping NRS to support streaming interfaces like websockets or Server-Sent Events (SSE) with possible rewrites of NRS to use Akka.
  5. Also available to be bribed to work on something else of which I will be the Supreme Leader of that too . PM me with ideas and offers. 3-5 person web dev and ops team available.
  • minusbalancer announces version 0.0.2 of his client.4
  • You can find a list of programs in development here.
  • Nxtchg has developed an API for You can find it here.


  • The first Nxt shop has opened: Nxtbay


  • Talk about setting up marketing continues, with an idea on how to spend funds. There is still no clear idea, but the feeling is development should take front seat at the moment. Follow the discussion here.
  • Prices (in BTC) are still falling. However, BTC has risen in value the last month. My calculation bears out that my Nxt are basically almost the same value in fiat as a few weeks ago. Good news for people who didn’t have to buy BTC 😉
  • We have had a Swarm action on the vote to add NXT to Within a few hours we become top coin of choice!5
  • Ola posted a link to an interesting article by Adam B. Levine. Is the coin he is describing familiar? Read it here.
  • This page of the thread has a very interesting idea on having multiple blockchains.
  • There is a wiki page for a proposal for a new address format, here.
  • BCNext made a proposal via CfB for a way to handle unclaimed coins. The community decides. Discussion is ongoing. Feel free to join in!
  • Anon136 opened a NXT/BTC-BTC/NXT orderbook. You can find the book here and the thread to go with it here.
  • Cointicket app added NXT. Thread here.


  • See new marketing plans in this thread. Holy crap, Salsacz is productive!
  • Salsacz also posted the first part in a series about Nxt Myths.
  • The Bitcoin conference in Miami is next week. NiftyNikel will be there. There has been fundraising for this, but if people still want to chip in, it would be appreciated. Find the thread about this conference here.6
  • opticalcarrier got an article published on The article can be found here.

Finally, the thread has officially become Gargantuan, graduating from Colossal. It is now 1018 pages long.

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Bounty vote

As I said in my last post, there is a bounty for sites, and has been included.

If you haven’t already, please add you vote to this thread:

I can’t beat the Russians and Chinese anymore, but I’d like to be in the swanky middle class, at least 😉

Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summaries 15/01-16/01-2014 – Client update 0.5.7

Sorry for not posting one day! I’m quite glad that there was a bit of disappointment that your daily dose of Summary didn’t arrive. Means they have proven useful, which is why I make them. 🙂

It’s been a busy two days on the bitcointalk forum thread.

A lot of the 80 pages of these two days was taken up with talk about the Voting System and how it should work. Tempers ran rather high, because the Voting System can give power to influence all of Nxt and who should get that power? The people who invested most (most Nxt)? All accountholders equally? Is it possible to “game” the votes? These are important questions, as they will influence all holders. I have tried to summarise the discussion, but it needs a whole big post, I feel. I will get on that later, and will outline the issues as well as I can, so all know what is potentially at stake.

Another large topic were if and how marketing of Nxt should be done. BCNext has put aside around 9 million Nxt to be spent on development and sundries, and there is a feeling Nxt should be more in the lime light. Others feel it is too early and we should focus on development first. Others make a difference between the system Nxt and the applications. Again, this needs a bigger seperate post, but I feel people should know the issue is seen as important.

The third large topic was about lowering fees as a way to give people the opportunity to use Nxt, even with a small amount. This lead to a big discussion about network safety, growing of the blockchain and the threat of spam. As you can see, everything leads to issues that need to be addressed. I feel it’s good that people are able to give opinions and be taken seriously. The issue leads to a better common understanding of where we think Nxt can go and what we think will “work”.

On to the accomplishments of the last days:

Client 0.5.7

Jean-Luc released client update 0.5.7. Download it here.1

sha256: 20002edeaaf0ffab97ab2f969969acb4f8a9df35fe489361b44e5291d95a33a7


There is a vote for bounties for sites and social media efforts here. Go see who are up for a bounty and please vote.

The vote for clients is over. See the results here.

Community addons


  • Vircurex has been in contact with Cfb. Seems that the addition of Nxt is getting closer.
  • Bit777 and Peerbet will be accepting Nxt!
  • has a newsletter. Go sign up.
  • apparently will add Nxt to it’s exchange. It hasn’t been implemented, though.


  • There is a Bitcoin meetup 21 jan in London. If you are willing and able to represent Nxt, be there.2
  • CfB apparently will launch his own coin, too.3
  • The Chinese flyer nearly finished. You can see it here.
  • CfB will stop his work in April. However, Jean-Luc and Klee and his team will continue.45
  • An Amazon VPS will apparently have some costs.6
  • The first game has been sold for Nxt! History is made. If there is one left, be part of Nxt history!7

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Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 14-01-2014

It#s been a relativelzy quiet day on the Bitcointalk thread. Only  ten pages to go through.

But again, much has been done.

New experimental client:

Jean-Luc has released client 0.5.6e. You can download it here.1 sha256: 680490992bc853bcfb988683f7c4de2d41e44636f4911a95544fd44f2d663762

Also, for those who didn’t know, you can submit bugs here.

Community addons:

wesleyh has developed both a pay button2 and a simple message interface.3

minusbalancer has developed a Windows native client.

MtheK releases v0.1.1 of his Nxt Watcher app.4




  • CfB asks for a decision on a the bounties for clients. After discussion it is decided to split voting in desktop and mobile clients. You can find the voting threads here: Desktop Mobile
  • The question of bounties for writers and promotors has been raised. This will also be put to the vote. “Dead” sites or empty Twitter accounts will not be considered. Pinarello will put up a vote.
  • Anon136 offered a substantial amount (Nxt worth $1000,-) to three big cryptobloggers/vloggers to read his paper, but they didn’t bite. Apparently there is still a lot of work to do for PR.


  • There was a nice discussion about the need or non-need to implement anonymity features.5
  • CfB links to the crypto algorythm that we want to have audited.6

So, this is what I consider a slow day for the Nxt thread. We are making steady progress.


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Bitcointalk Summaries

Bitcointalk Summary 13-01-2014

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while now.

As some people may or may not know, a there is thread on the Bitcointalk forums, where a lot of people involved in Nxt gather and discuss. This thread has grown to such epic proportions (at the moment we’re going strong at 923 pages) that it is very hard for people to keep track.

My aim in these posts is to summarise for you the juicy snippets that concern the development of Nxt. A LOT is going on, and it’s too good for you not to go.

Even though this site is Dutch, these post will be in English, so everyone can hear what is going on in Nxt.


  • Today, at block 40,000 the Arbitrary Message feature was activated. This feature will allow Nxt users to send messages to each other through the decentralized network. The term “message” is loose: this feature can be used to send simple text, but it can also be used to build file-sharing services and all kinds of decentralized applications.1
    The development of applications will be up to third parties and there is a bounty for the first three apps. The bounties are 50K, 30K and 20K Nxt.2
  • There is still a lot of discussion over the weight of votes to be implemented in the Voting System. Should it be one account=one vote? one Nxt=one vote? All systems have their drawbacks, and the search is for a system that will leave as small a room as possible for abuse.
  • During the day, Come-from-Beyond (dev) keeps spotting out of date clients. To use Arbitrary Messaging, you need at least version 0.5.4e! Please update if you have not already!
  • Nexern is working on the Asset Exchange. There is as of yet no ETA on the Auction/Marketplace.3


News about exchanges:

  • Today, after the efforts of members JustaBit and NiftyNikel trading exchange Vircurex has expressed some interest in adding Nxt.4 However, because Nxt works differently from other coins, they could use some help. Anyone willing and able to help with this would be welcome.
  • Cryptsy does not seems willing to add Nxt, even after numerous votes to add it. There are many more exchanges out there however, so keep trying!
  • The simpleGateway of Peercover has been updated!5 Apparently, they have higher prices at the moment.

Sites and clients

  • A new site has been launched! It boasts the first effort by Nxt to attract women:
  • now features an avatar and signature generator for forums here.
  • User rickyjames is offering a 10K bounty for infographics here.
  • The Nxt client for Android has been updated. Have a look here.
  • We are told that the owner of has expressed interest in Nxt.6
  • For a first glimp of an Android client with messages, go here.


  • The idea for a weekly Nxtnewsletter has been brought forward.7 So far 6 copywriters have volunteered.
  • Later in the afternoon C-f-B started selling off unclaimed Nxt in an effort to raise 10 BTC in funds for an independent review of the Nxt algorythm. The community is to decide by whom. So far the names that have been put forward are Andrea Antonopoulos, Emin Gün Sirer and Steve Weis.

All in all, it’s been an eventful day at Nxt again! Hope you all enjoyed reading about what is going on. If you have something else to add, maybe from the Nextcoin or Nxtcrypto forums, I’d be happy to consider adding it in a subheading of it’s own.

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