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I’m very sorry to not be able to make a summary today. Even though it’s weekend, it’s busy around Nxt. I’ve been working with some great marketing people and gaming people today, and now find myself late at home. I garantuee a summary tomorrow!

DamelonAgain no summary!

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I’m taking a one day vacation today. It’s fairly quiet on the BCT thread, so tomorrow a double one! For things to do, go have a look at the /n/Nxt subreddit, or participate in our SWARM to get us added to more exchanges! Also, don’t forget the Charity for Songs of Love. The tally now stands at 42,476 NXT! Doubled, …

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NRS client Experimental Update 0.8.0e

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Get it here   sha256: 12ea7642953934b4b36cb833c500afefc9d1521776a298e3a6b6473cb0303a0c Change log: This release introduces a major change in the Nxt server architecture. Instead of being a servlet run by Jetty, Nxt is now a standalone application which itself launches Jetty servlets, when needed. This should make it easier to use as a Java library, as it no longer needs to be run inside …

DamelonNRS client Experimental Update 0.8.0e

Bitcointalk Summary 21-02-2014

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Marketing Justabit appeared on TV yesterday, talking about the Songs of Love charity drive and Nxt. We now have a level on the Bitscraper project. Funding committees rickyjames posted an update on funding committee membership. Applications are now closed. Members can make a statement in this thread. There will be a week long voting round starting 1st of March. Clients …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 21-02-2014

Bitcointalk Summary 20-02-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

Charity The Songs of Love charity drive now has reached 40173 NXT! Remember, this amount will be doubled by an anonymous donator! We aim to reach 170,000 Nxt at the end of the month, so keep donation at account: 4636321498642303120. Justabit of Cointropolis just appeared on TV for Songs of Love in which he also tells about Nxt. Another update …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 20-02-2014

Bitcointalk Summary 19-02-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

NRS Client update 0.7.6 Get it here Exchanges A succesful SWARM got Nxt to the top of the Mintpal vote in one day! 500,000,000 Nxt has now been traded on DGEX. Thanks to msin, Atomic-Trade will be adding Nxt to their exchange. is a relatively new exchange offering Nxt to BTC, DOGE and FLAP. We need a public paper …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 19-02-2014

NRS Client update 0.7.6

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Get it here   sha256: c219d6a13c870ea7f454fe1e91efe6c6098bed767156aa8921aad0bebe9fe79a Change log: Compact the database at every shutdown. This should help reduce the size of the nxt_db directory after the first run, check the before and after disk usage. Prevent duplicate peer listings in the known peers and blacklisted peers frames. Prevent a potential duplicate account key attack, of the type described here: …

DamelonNRS Client update 0.7.6

Bitcointalk Summary 18-02-2014

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Clients wesleyh has added the Voting feature to Nxt Wallet, as well as messaging to account Aliases. Only usuable on the Testnet for now. a new web-based client, called Nxs (Nexus), by Regulus has been released. Community Addons jl777 has made a “Nodecoin miner“, as a concept how Nodecoins could work. There is a mining contest attached with a prize …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 18-02-2014

Client showcase: Offspring by DGEX

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Offspring client developer: Dirk and DGEX Team Most recent version: here Source code: TBA Short description Offspring by Nxt exchange came as something of a surprise to me. On the morning of the 13th or February I received a mail that this client had been released and I had no knowledge of it being developed at all. Rather than having …

DamelonClient showcase: Offspring by DGEX

Bitcointalk Summary 17-02-2014

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What’s NXT? [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=0066cc&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Clients Here is a look at NXT Freerider, a powertool for developers and powerusers, with focus on the Asset Exchange. wesleyh’s keeps developing his NXT Wallet. Now adding message functionality. Concepts and discussion jl777 asked for ideas on how to make money with Nxt. The following ideas were proposed: Nodecoin Trustless …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 17-02-2014