Bitcointalk Summary 1/3-2/3-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

Nxt Source code released a month early! Read here what is planned next Funding Committees Voting Voting for the Funding Committees has started. You can apply to rickyjames for a code to vote. Running results can be viewed here. Clients Nxt Solaris version 2.1 has been released. Nxs version 0.3.6 has been released. Community Addons jl777 opened a github for …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 1/3-2/3-2014

[VIDEO] Who are the key programmers of Nxt?

Damelon Video

Today I'd like to share another video from Tai Zen (a.k.a. Asian Prepper) from Prisoner or Freedom. Yesterday the source code of Nxt was released, so I thought it might be nice to know who has been working on it. In this video, Anon136 explains who the people behind Nxt are. Share this Post
Damelon[VIDEO] Who are the key programmers of Nxt?

[VIDEO] Investor Marc de Mesel explains why he invested in Nxt.

Damelon Video

I want to draw your attention to this video made by Marc de Mesel, in investor who also was one of the people to invest into Bitcoin at an early stage. Marc gives an easy to understand overview of cryptocurrencies and Nxt and offers some insights into why hé decided to invest 25% of his crypto porfolio into Nxt. You ...
Damelon[VIDEO] Investor Marc de Mesel explains why he invested in Nxt.

Nxt source code released a month early!

Damelon Important!

In a surprise move, Nxt client developer Jean-Luc has released the Nxt source code a month earlier than planned today. The original release date was planned to be the 3rd of April. You can find the post here. The source code can be found at The Master branch is still 0.7.6, develop is 0.8.3 plus latest unreleased changes. Share ...
DamelonNxt source code released a month early!

Bitcointalk Summary 27/02-28/02-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

Clients There is a new version of wesleyh’s Nxt Wallet client. Charity The fundraiser for Songs of Love has ended. Today we sent 114571 Nxt (~ $ 5400) to Songs of Love. John Belzer, the founder of Songs of Love has this to say to you: “The Nxt community is the most compassionate group that we have so far come …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 27/02-28/02-2014

Summaries going to a two-day format

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

At the moment the BCT thread is enormously active, but mainly with discussions. Today was a hectic day in which some frustration with the model of communication that BCNext has chosen was aired and the reactions of the community to that. Suffice to say that it was a stormy day! However, I have committed to report only practical things like …

DamelonSummaries going to a two-day format

Songs of Love Fundraiser: Last Day

Damelon Charity

Today is the last day for our charity fundraiser for Songs of Love. You can still donate to account 4636321498642303120. Currently the raised amount is 56251 Nxt, which will be doubled to 112502 Nxt by our anonymous donator! John Belzer, the president and founder of Songs of Love has taken the time to speak directly to the Nxt community. You can ...
DamelonSongs of Love Fundraiser: Last Day

Bitcointalk Summary 26-02-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

NRS Client Update 0.8.3 (stable) Math, concepts and discussions Today CIYAM Open ran a lot of simulations on the Nxt forging process to try and see if Nxt is as safe as it claims to be. This was done after a two day discussion on how the forging process works and could work. User mthcl helped with the mathematical proof …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 26-02-2014

Bitcointalk Summary 25-02-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

I have a bit of a problem summarising today, as the day was again mostly taken up with the discussion about forging and the rewards it should or shouldn’t bring. This is not a bad thing, as forging and Transparent Mining are what makes Nxt unique and the discussion is thus a fundamental one. However, the discussion is so deep …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 25-02-2014

Bitcointalk Summary 22/02-24/02-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

NRS Client Update 0.8.1e (experimental)   Clients mynxt online wallet giveaway update. Community Addons Alpha release of an Automatic DOGE -> Nxt AE gateway exchange by jl777. The mynxt site is now featuring charts. User xyzzyx has made a bash script for multisending transactions. Concepts and discussions Both of these days (starting at page 1897) have been filled with an …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 22/02-24/02-2014