The Bitcointalk Summaries are over: we have a forum!

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

Seventy days ago I started posting the Bticointalk Summaries, because I saw there was a desperate need to keep track of what was happening in the Nxt Community. At that point, there was still a huge resistance against moving out of our cozy corner in the bitcointalk forums. However, during the last two weeks, more and more people were realising …

DamelonThe Bitcointalk Summaries are over: we have a forum!

Nxt Funding Committees

Damelon Funding Committees

At this moment, there are not as many updates on “concrete” things to give as there were. Nxt has clearly entered a different stage in it’s development, and this is clear from the Bitcointalk thread. I will instead be using at least part of these posts on the actions and decisions of the three Nxt Funding Committees, which are tasked …

DamelonNxt Funding Committees

Nxt Crypto Review Completed

Damelon Important!, Other Bitcointalk News

Two days ago, BCT user Jesse James, also known as DoctorEvil, finished his review of the implementation of Curve25519 in Nxt. Jesse James may be known to some, as he has already uncovered a security flaw in Nxt and reported it instead of taking advantage of it. Here is the summary of his review, again with the relevant links from …

DamelonNxt Crypto Review Completed

Nxt Asset Exchange Preview

Damelon Clients, General

Summaries have been thin for the last few days. One of the main reasons for this is that for the past few days, our developers have been testing the Asset Exchange. Today, I want to give you an overview of what the Asset Exchange looks like in wesleyh’s web interface. This interface will be part of the future incarnation of …

DamelonNxt Asset Exchange Preview

A summary of sorts

Damelon General

Today not so much a summary of the BCT thread, as a summary of the last three months I’ve spent in the Nxt Community. First, for those who are REALLY waiting for a summary: the last day has been spent in working on a very strong passphrase functionality for wesleyh’s online browser. Over the last few months it has become …

DamelonA summary of sorts

One day delay for summary.

Damelon General

I am currently in Cologne, Germany for work, so won’t be able to make today’s summary. From tomorrow on, I will go back to dailies, as the thread has picked up again.

DamelonOne day delay for summary.

Bitcointalk Summary 7/3-8/3-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

NRS version 0.8.8 released You can find the update here! Nxt Funding Committees The voting for the members of the Technology, Infrastructure and Marketing Funds has ended. Find the results here.You will soon hear from all of these committees what they do and how they plan to handle their mandates. Clients INxt 1.0.8 now available in the AppStore. Testnet version …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 7/3-8/3-2014

Voting for the Nxt Funding Committees is nearly over!

Damelon Important!

Just wanted you all to know that in eight hours voting for the members of the Nxt Funding Committees will end. These committees will each administer around 2,8 million Nxt from the unclaimed Nxt the will be put to use for technical development, infrastructural development and marketing efforts. YOUR VOTE COUNTS! You can apply to user rickyjames for a ballot …

DamelonVoting for the Nxt Funding Committees is nearly over!

Bitcointalk Summary 5/3-6/3-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

NRS Client Version 0.8.6, with Mistafreeze’s installer. Version 0.8.7, with Mistafreeze’s installer. Jean Luc, wesleyh and Mistafreeze are working on an easy One-Click installer with wesleyh’s interface. Clients Nxt Solaris 2.2 released, now with Mac OSX support! Offspring 0.3.2e released. iNxt 1.0.7 available in iTunes. Donations welcome to this young developer on account 4894174904569783391. wesleyh released an update for his …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 5/3-6/3-2014

Bitcointalk Summary 3/3-4/3-2014

Damelon Bitcointalk Summaries

NRS Client Update 0.8.4e can be found here. Update 0.8.5 can be found here. Clients DGEX Offspring has been updated to version 0.3. Voting The voting for the funding committees will continue till 8th of March. You can see the current results here. Statements from the canditates can be found in this thread. Concepts and discussion Discussion about the fee …

DamelonBitcointalk Summary 3/3-4/3-2014